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America warns citizens visiting China that they may not be allowed to home for YEARS

Prairie populist. World traveler.

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Cultural critic. Insightful humorist.

Charismatic speaker. This collection of new and selected poems paints a portrait Coming Home Crazy. An Alphabet of China Essays.

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This edition also includes an afterword about the country since Tiananmen. Publish Date:. Cover Art. Like this book? Bill Holm clearly loves the Chinese people and their traditional culture.

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Philadelphia Inquirer. It is the best book on China I have read for a long time. Spacecraft often operate for a longer time than originally envisioned, as also was the case with Tiangong Both Chinese labs were around one-tenth the length of the ISS, which at ft is about as long as an American football field.

Two astronauts spent 30 days on board after traveling to the station on the Shenzhou spacecraft in October For the manned mission, Tiangong-2 was outfitted with a treadmill and fridge, state media Xinhua reported. To use the treadmill, astronauts hooked a rubber band over their shoulders to stay on the machine and jog in microgravity. They were the only crew ever to be on board the Tiangong-2 and they returned to earth in November China launched its first cargo spacecraft Tiangzhou-1 to refuel the lab in April